The Paul McCartney Auditorium
Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Role- Assistant Lighting designer

Lighting Designer- Jack Coleman
Director and Choreographer- Andrew Hall
Costume Designers- Sophie Bursnoll and Stephanie O’Hara

Direction, Concept and lead Choreography by Andrew Hall
All Photographs Copyright of Sam Heath and Sam Sebbage

SALIGIA explores the emotions and feelings which surround the theme of the seven sins. Exploring lust, humility, diligence, wrath, kindness, pride and envy through different forms of choreography, SALIGIA demonstrates the subtle differences that require balance in order to maintain sanity. Characters such as Death are a running theme throughout, seeping in when least expected, taking the light away.
The open stage with minimal scenic elements allowed the lighting to take its place. We explored many ways in which the lighting could allow an audience to feel the oppression and changes in emotion through the design. By flying in the rig at different moments we were able to achieve this effect, opening the stage right out for moments of elation and softer pieces and sinking the rig to just above head height to change the dynamics of the space and to almost crush the dancers to the floor at times.