Unity Theatre Studio 1
In Association with Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Role- Lighting Designer

Director- Will Hammond
Set and Costume Designer-Jasmine Swan
Assistant Set and Costume Designer- Dylan Howells

Written by Luke Barnes
All Photographs Copyright of Sam Heath and Shaun Botterill

Here we follow a regular working class lad growing up in the 1950s through his life up to the 1980s. We experience the struggles he and his family have to face in northern Britain throughout this time period and the unfair advantages which are seemingly handed to those from different walks of life.

Working alongside the writer in this piece allowed the creative team and Director to explore the script in depth, working with the adaptable set to move seamlessly through scenes. The space was left open allowing the actors to experience the action as it unfolded as well as enabling an audience to see the work without all of the trimmings, but in its raw form.

The lighting of this show was based on creating the many different seasons, from spring through to winter, exploring the transitions in-between. The set moved between indoor and outdoor, weddings and funerals, a sense of light and dark was required throughout.