The Paul McCartney Auditorium
Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Role- Set and Costume Designer

Assistant Set and Costume Designers- Lauren Roberts and Lauren Stuchfield
Director- Susan Lynch
Lighting Designer- Jason Stickland

Written by Bernard-Marie Koltes
All Photographs Copyright of Sam Heath

The design for ‘Roberto Zucco’ plays with the idea of transience through shadow play, behind a series of back lit projection screens. The screens are used throughout to enable vignettes of action. Set in 1980’s France the set hints at brutalist architecture as well as reflecting the breeze block composition of Zucco’s cell within the prison. Throughout the play we are left in the dark as to how or if Zucco did escape from prison or whether this whole thing is in-fact a figment of his imagination. We see the set build up and break down, with only fragments of reality, reflecting the disjointed journey in which he takes, fleetingly encountering seemingly ‘normal’ people along the way. The play explores themes associated with ‘normality’, the seemingly stereotypical characters express no humility for each other.